XSB-1A3 Trinocular Inverted Biological Microscope

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This microscope is suitable for Micro-examine and research for the inspector in the Biology of culture ware (or culture bottle) tissue culture of medicine, cell culture, plankton, environment protection, foodstuff inspection, and liquid sediment, etc.

Plain-field Long Working Distance Objective:

Magnification Numerical Aperture(N.A.) Working Distance(mm) Thickness In The Bottom Of Culture Ware(mm)
4X 0.1 17.4 1.5
10X 0.25 8.0 1.5
25X 0.4 5.0 1.5
40X 0.6 3.0 1.5

Total Magnification:50X-800X
Accessory Objective Magnification: 1.25X
Plan Eyepiece: WF10X (ø18mm) , WF16X(ø11mm)
Coaxial Coarse /Fine Focusing Adjustment Focusing Range:30mm, Division of Fine Focus Adjustment: 0.002mm
Illumination Elevating Range:20mm
Interpupillary Adjustment Distance:55mm-75mm
Mechanical Stage Size: 190mmX145mm,Moving Range: 75mmX50mm, Vernier Division: 0.1mm
Artificial Illumination: 110V, 220V/12V 50W (Halogen Bulb with Adjustable Brightness), Filter (yellow, green): ø43mm