Dental & Surgical Loupes

Dental loupes and Surgical loupes is a binocular magnifying glass. The loupes magnifier can help to alleviate eye strain by enlarging the image when you are working on tiny subjects or conducting precision operations. They are portable and easier to use than a surgical microscope.

According to different optical principles, there are two kinds of Galilean style loupes and Keplerian prismatic style loupes.

Galilean style dental & surgical loupes in lower magnifications ranging from 2.0x-3.5x
Keplerian prismatic style dental & surgical Loupes  in higher magnifications ranging from 4.0x-8.0x

Our binocular loupes are light weighted and comfortable to fit for hygienists, dentists, and surgeons. We offer lifetime quality warranty and free shipping. Buy now and save more on dental and surgical loupes.