Model # DPD-54HW LED Ring Lamp for Stereo Microscopes

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We offer a wide range of the lamp and LED light source and fluorescence illumination systems ideal for a variety of microscopy applications. From simple HX-1 fluorescent ring light assembly to complex fiber optic cable cold light sources.

How does one choose a microscope light source?

Selecting an LED or fluorescence microscope light source depends on the application.
How fast are you acquiring images?
How much intensity control do you need for your light source?
How fast do you need to shutter the light?

Find out which system is most suitable for your application.

LED allocates glossy annularity light circuit adopts the PWM tune to glorify a technology, the color temperature is stable, the power dissipation is low, lifetime is longer than the fluorescent lamp, reliability is high, reality uses cost low, width voltage design may satisfy the need being unlike a consumer, the holder for the wick and chimney of a kerosene lamp outer covering adopt ABS plastic fabrication, has the antistatic function, apply to IC industry especially wait for a peculiar occasion, the LED luminescence light is a cold illuminant, is fit to be put into use to the sensitive object of temperature observation.

Model # DPD-54HW LED Ring Lamp for Microscopes


Input Power:
AV100 - 240v (Allowed AC90-264V)
Output: DC 24V (Max)
Power Consumption: 4.5W (LED 56pcs)
Light intensity adjustment: 0-100%
Working distance: 60-180mm
Ring diameter inside: Max 63mm; Min 58mm
Intensity:  Over 35,000 lux (working distance in 65mm)
Color temperature: 12,000K-24,000K
Without electricity flash
Ambient Temperature/Humidity: