Fiber Optic Surgical Headlight for ENT Surgery and Oral Implantology, Clinical Examination

The KD-202A fiber-optic surgical headlight offer super-bright performance, reliability, and portability, which is used as illumination in clinical examination, surgery, etc. Light is refracted and gathered through the optical lens group. In this way, common light can turn into clear and well-distributed light. So our headlamp can supply excellent quality illumination for the examination and surgery of the doctor.

Qualified for FDA approval

Product Features

- Comfortable and light for lengthy procedures
- Fiber optic coaxial rotary headlight with variable spot
- Rotary adjustable 10mm-110mm spot (at 420mm of working distance) with a perfectly circular beam
- 100% billet aluminum construction
- 1800mm of length fiber-optic cord, Wolf and Stores lens proximal cable end standard, others available upon request.
- Compatible with Storz, ACMI, Wolf, Olympus cold light sources
- The weight of headlight is 180g, and the fiberoptic weight is 140g.