Important Factors to Consider Before Buying a Surgical Headlight System

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Important Factors to Consider Before Buying a Surgical Headlight System

For years it was difficult to find quality surgical headlight systems for your medical laboratory. With advances in technology and production methods over the past decade, it has become easier to find a system that is top of the line for both accuracy and efficiency. Surgical grade cameras are designed to withstand the worst conditions possible when providing quality imaging. These high performance industrial cameras are designed for use in any lighting situation. Whether you are in a dark operating room, a blistery laboratory, or even a dark surgical facility, a high performance system will provide you with high resolution, clear images. If your medical lab is one of the few places in your medical facility where light is an issue, the right lighting is a critical element in the efficiency and productivity of the surgical team.

Open Source Surgical Headlight Mounted Cameras for the Surgical Field. Whether you want to capture moving video footage for documentation or clinical training purposes, an open source, high definition surgical headlight system can be your answer. These camera systems offer you not only the crisp, clear images of your patients, but you can also do the testing before each procedure. Many open source system cameras have DVR so you can record the procedures and then play them back at a later time. This feature is a must for medical facilities.

Abrasive Surfaces and Intense Lighting. It is important to have a surgical headlight system on hand that can withstand harsh and continuous working conditions outside of your clinic. When faced with tough outdoor conditions such as bright sunlight, a bright and intense light is necessary to illuminate the area needed for the surgical procedure. Choose a light that can withstand exposure to these harsh lights as well as bright daylights.

Xenon Lamp Life. Your surgical headlight system needs to have a long lamp life in order to maximize its efficiency during your operations. Ideally, you want to choose a lamp that has a projected illumination time of more than one hour. To ensure that you get this level of illumination, you should choose a lamp that uses a xenon gas as its light source.

High Performance & Durability. When it comes to surgical headlamps, durability is key. Look for high quality materials and components, such as full xenon coating for long lasting bulbs, and a heavy duty motor for dependable operation even under demanding operating conditions.

Ease of Installation and Removal. When you choose a surgical headlights camera system, you want one that is easy to install. Surgical headlamps should come with the right connectors, so they can easily be removed for cleaning purposes. The camera system should also come with an easy-to-follow installation guide, so you won't waste any time or money installing it. And since most cameras are removable, you will also have an easier time removing it for storage or other activities.

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