3W Portable Handheld Endoscope LED Cold Light Source

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3W Portable Handheld Endoscope LED Cold Light Source W/ CE proved.

Note: the price not including the Rigid Endoscopes/Otoscope.

If you also want to purchase the Rigid Endoscopes/Otoscope from us, pls. tell us your specific requirements, such as the diameter (2.7mm or 4mm) and degree(0°/ 30°/ 70°).


It is a Portable Handheld LED Cold Light Source.

The unit built-in LED bulb, the high energy conservation, the multi-transformations, the favorable environmental protection, the long life cycle. It provides a color temperature of approx.9500k corresponding to sunlight. The latest circuit technology provides optimum performance and functionality.

Compact and portable, the built-in lithium battery allows the Mini Handheld Cold Light Source to work more than 2 hours after being recharged. We design and manufacture it for use either with a rigid or flexible endoscope. A particularly well-conceived safety feature is the automatic switchover from the main light source to the spare light source in case of light source failure. Therefore the light source is always ready for emergency use and contributes to patient safety.

Technical Data:

Power supply: AC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Battery: Lithium battery
Bulb: LED OSRAM bulb, approx.3 to 10 W
Safety standard: IEC601-1 
Color temp.: approx.9,500 K
Illumination: ≥140,000 Lx
The life cycle of bulb:  approx.1,200 h
Storage temp.: -15℃ to +50℃
Operating temp.: 0℃ to 45℃  
Relative humidity:30% to 90%
Device type: I/B
Light of flexible:φ27mm, L:145mm.
N.W.: 0.25 kg
Light of rigid endoscope:φ24mm, L:115mm.
N.W.: 0.2 kg
Connection: STORZ, WOLF(optional), OLYMPUS ACMI, etc.

* According to the test setup by the manufacturer, the service life may be shorter when used under unfavorable conditions (e.g .many ON/OFF cycles)

Packing List:

1. LED cold light source: 1 each
2. Battery Charger: 1 each
3. Rechargeable batteries: 2 each