XPL-2 Trinocular Polarization Microscopes

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XPL-1 series polarization microscopes are utilized polarize light to observe and research the matter which has double refraction features, the user can make a single polarizing view, orthogonal polarizing view, cone light view. They are applied in geology, chemicals, physic and leechdom fields. They are also widely used to observe the crystal of liquid macromolecule polymer, biomedical polymer, and liquid crystal. They are the ideal instruments for scientific research and university teaching demo.


1) Equipped with strain-free plan achromatic objectives or infinity strain-free plan achromatic objectives and wide field eyepiece
2) Nosepiece can adjust the center of the objective
3) Coaxial coarse/fine focus system with tensional adjustable and up stop, minimum division of fine focusing: 2µm
4) Take-down style polarizer, 360°rotatable, have 0,90,180,270 four scales, located down the aperture diaphragm
5) Impellent style analyzer, 360°rotatable, push in / out from optical path conveniently
6) Revolving around the stage, 360°part scale and graduated in 1° increment, minimum resolution 6' when using vernier scale, center adjustable and with tightener
7) Illumination with 6V,20W halogen lamp, adjustable brightness


Model XPL-1(Cover glass thickness: 0.17) XPL-2(No Cover glass)
Eyepiece Wide field WF10X (field number:Φ18mm)
Dividing eyepiece 10X(field number:Φ18mm)0.10mm/Div
Strain-free plan achromatic objective PL 4X/0.10 POL W.D: 17.94mm PL L4X/0.12 POL W.D: 17.9 mm
PL 10X/0.25 POL W.D: 8.8 mm PL L10X/0.25 POLW.D: 8.8 mm
PL 40X/0.65 POL(spring) W.D: 0.56 mm PL L40X/0.60 POL(spring) W.D: 3.73 mm
PL 100X/1.25 POL(spring,oil) W.D: 0.36 mm PL L60X/0.70 POL(spring) W.D: 1.34 mm
Transmitted illuminating system 6V20W halogen lamp, brightness adjustable 6V20W
Rtatable 360°have 0,90,180,270 scale
Abbe condenser N.A.1.25 with iris diaphragm
Stage Rotatable stage,diameter Ø150mm,360°graduated(in 1°increments),minimum vernier division:6',center adjustable and with tightener.
Nosepiece Quadruple (the center of the objective is adjustable)
Intermediate attachment Integrated analyzer, can be switched to normal or polarizing observe freely, enable 0~90° rotated and minimum vernier division:12'
Pillar Bertrand lens and center adjustable
λ,λ/4 and quarts wedge compensator
Eyepiece tube Trinocular inclined 30°and enable to shoot in 100% light flux
Focus system Coaxial coarse/fine focus with tension adjustable and up to stop device, minimum division of fine focusing:2μm
Optional Accessory Objective Cover thickness:0.17 20X、60X No cover glass 20X、50X、80X、100X(Dry)
Slide moving holder Moving range: 30mm×25mm
CCD adapter 0.5X, 1X, 0.5X with dividing
Camera USB output: 1.3M/3.0M/5.0M/10.0 M pixel VIDEO output: 380/520 TV line
Digital camera adapter CANON(EF); NIKON(F)
Infinity optical system(Model: XPL-1A/XPL-2A)