XDP-1 Large Viewing Wide-field Microscope

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XDP-1 is the new large viewing field microscope. If produces sharp and stereoscopic images. It is to be operated easily and comfortably. Widely applied to biological dissection, electronics, minerals.

1) Imaging from the optical entity; providing with various objectives of 2X, 4X, 6X, 8X, 10X, 15X magnification. The objectives can be conveniently changed; owning a humanistic operating system.

2) For the long-time viewing without visual weariness, the freely and comfortably operating can be beyond the visual limit, and improve the working efficiency.

3) Possessing the super-long working distance super-large field of viewing and depth of field, so that the operator hasn't any limited.

4) Application to electronic industry precision project plastic shop medical diagnosis and biological medicine public security system and so on.

Magnification Working distance
Viewing field for object space
2X 208 68 S
4X 98 34 S
6X 80 22.7 S
8X 58 17 O
10X 46 13.6 O
15X 50 9.1 O
6X 115 22.7 O

Note: "-" is unavailable, "S" is standard, "O" is optional.

Height: 1800mm
Free Viewing Body, Strength Range: 850mm, easily observe large area objectives.
Stable stand, free sliding, long vertical distance is 580mm with boost up and down.
Universal block with tension adjustment in the bottom, it can free to move or fix so that to observe in a good position.

Application range:

1)Electronics: PCB Setting, QC, Screening, Rework & Weld
2) Precision project & Plastic: QC, Micro-welding, Micro-machining Injecting & Moulding
3) Medical & Dentistry Equipment Manufacturing: Finish machining Setting, Fine Dressing, Color Matching, Rework & Overhaul
4) Biological medicine: Sample-Making, dissecting, Dyeing, Microscopy
5) Public Security system