TWMP-0406 2 in 1 Microscope and Astronomy Telescope

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Investigate and explore the wonderful nature around us.

Model: TWMP-0406

Lighting system: viewfinder and electrical
Eyepiece: 10x - 20x
Object: 5x, 25x, 45x
Power: 100x, 400x, 900x
Lens: optical glass lens

Astronomy Telescope

Power: 50x-100x
Objective focal length: 600mm
Objective aperture: 50mm
Eyepiece: H6mm, H12mm
Find scope power: 3x
Aluminum tripod: 49.21 inches height


1 reflecting mirror
6 blank and prepared slides
1 gum media
1 shrimp eggs
1 sea salt
1 eosin
6 coverslips
6 blank ladles
1 shrimp hatchery kit
1 color filter
1 butterfly specimen
1 dropper
1 scalpel
1 spatula
1 tweezer