Dr. Luis Loupes is a Surgical Dentist Who Delivers Superior Oral and Dental Care

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Dr. Luis Loupes is a Surgical Dentist Who Delivers Superior Oral and Dental Care

Dr.surgical dentist loupes Luis Loupes opened his first clinic in 1964, where he specialized in dental procedures. Today, he has over 35 offices all around the state of California. He has received many awards and accolades for his outstanding work. Dr. Loupes, is well-known as a surgeon who is gentle with his patients, but treats them with respect and dignity.

The mandibular advancement aligner is his specialty.surgical dentist loupes surgical dentist loupes This procedure uses precision instruments to make your teeth seem longer. In addition, it can help you avoid grinding or tapping on your teeth.

He also does orthodontics, such as the Orthodontic tooth shaping and partial dentures. You can get these treatments from him as well. Because Dr. Loupes' office is so big, you may have to wait to get in for your appointments, but this is because of the volume of clients he receives daily.

Dr. Loupes' dental clinics accept walk-ins. You can simply walk in and schedule an appointment for your teeth cleaning, cosmetic procedures, and bite correction. You can also check your appointment schedule online, so you know if there are any open appointments on the same day.

He offers outstanding benefits, like lunch, snacks, and drinks. You can even bring your pet to his clinic. You will also be able to use the computer, so you can work on your laptop while you are waiting for your appointment.

Dr. Loupes takes pride in his work and you can tell by the way he greets you and his excellent customer service. His staff also includes a trained and qualified dentist, licensed dental hygienist, licensed dental assistants, dental technician, and a professional receptionist. Your children can also get the best dental care from him.

Dr. Luis Loupes also specializes in all forms of general dentistry, as well as orthodontics. He will go over your medical history to determine what kind of treatment you need. Even if you just want to have your wisdom teeth removed, he can do that for you.

Aside from the office service, you will also find several other benefits from his practice. For example, you can also expect to receive free checkups, free cleaning, and free fillings. You can even choose to be referred to Dr. Loupes for anything that needs to be fixed in your mouth.

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