70,000 Lux Illumination Powerful LED Surgical Headlight

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With the H80 LED surgical headlight, you'll experience enough brightness, co-axial, shadow-free, long-lasting illumination with unrestricted mobility that enables you to work with precision while enjoying complete comfort, and improves overall ergonomics.

70,000 Lux Illumination Powerful LED Surgical Headlight

Light source: 3W Powerful white LEDs
Brightness: 70,000Lux@250mm (15,000LUX @ 40cm)
Full variable intensity control (0-100%)
Spot size diameter: 20-100mm @ 500mm adjustable (Lightspot size 7.5cm @ 40mm)
Adjustable distance: Up to down 30mm, forward to backward 35mm
Color temperature: 6, 000K (CRT), purely white light
Operation time: 3 - 4 hours with a battery
Charge time: 4-5 hours for a full charge
Lifetime: 30, 000 hours
Headlight weight: 70g,
Whole headlight weight: 180g (incl a battery )
Dimensions (LxWxH): 108x68x25mm
Battery pack: Rechargeable Polymer Li-ion cells
Charge cycles: 500-600 charge/discharge cycles
Battery adapter:100-240VAC/50-60Hz(with 300CM cord)

What's Included
- LED headlight  1
- Batter pack  1
- AC adapter 1

Similar to HEINE 3S LED HeadLight.
But brighter and bigger and uniformity light spot than it.

Also similar to SurgiTel's Odyssey Max LED headlamp, But brighter and lighter and uniformity light spot than it. The LED Headlight is longer lifetime than any 3W or 5W LED surgical headlight.

Battery longer usability time than another brand, much more inexpensive than any brand.